Thirteen reasons why

The only reason you should read this book is that it is a compelling story on how our insensitive behaviour can affect other people.This psychological thriller makes the mark as it very chillingly describes the steps which lead to the absolute crime.Maybe after reading this book the readers will realise that the extreme reactions of others can be attributed to them.You connect to the story both as the victim and the perpetrator.

Hannah Baker is the main character of the story who takes the extreme unfortunate step to commit suicide, but mails tapes to the people who were responsible for the agony they caused in her life.It deals with issues like bullying without sermonising and still delivers an effective message.

The book is a chilling ,non put downable read and compels the readers to take stock of their relations. It will spur many parents to start a dialogue with their children to prevent such and other less drastic results in their childrens lives.

This book has also been shelved as a Netflix series ,which spikes the curiosity and intent to read such a haunting story.Though many will not agree with the extreme step Hannah took ,the book will generate lots of empathy for her.

So be prepared to be chilled and devastated.

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13 Reasons Why

13 reasons



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